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Our Teacher

My Vision is to see all candidates from rural areas in higher job positions. And this is what made me start Prof. Jayashanker IAS Study Circle with a strong will. As we all know that unemployments and strong will is better seen in the family of poverty. To get a good job students from the poor and middle-class families go very distances and pay a way lot of money & for women its a step back due to lack of encouragement, hence they are remaining as housewives.

What made me take a stand and start this institute was the Dilisukhnagar bomb incident . My friend’s brother who was victim of the incident is still fighting between life and death, he came to that location for collecting study material for exchange constable posts, and that incident turned his life up and down. I pray that no such incident should take place in any family. Especially for people who are living in rural areas.

Government Jobs should not be like a fruit that’s unreachable and that’s why since 4 years with a good will I started coaching services. Coached over 25000 students motivating them and making them strive towards the goal which is employment and I am marching with them as a fellow traveler.